Take Your Broken Heart (I, II & III)


I feel trapped in my own mind
I can’t seem to find the exit door
How do I go out?
Never-ending hallways and dead ends
Ominous sounds outside, threatening voices inside
Damned if I do, damned if I don’t
It’s a nightmare!
How do I get out?


There’s a conflict in my heart
A never-ending battle
Between the social and the lonely
One begs for attention,
Desperate for love and affection,
The other just wants to be left alone
To sit in the comfort of its home.


You see my smile
And you think I’m okay
Although deep down
Hope’s faded away

I can’t explain
How dreadful it is
I know you wish
You could ease my pain

But there’s no way
No there’s no way
Thanks for your love
But there’s no way

You won’t feel it
You won’t get it
My heart’s a mess
Yours ain’t broken

How could you know
How could you feel
The way I do?
How could you?

It seems unfair
But that’s just real
You can’t help me
You’re not lonely

Thanks for your love
I love you too
Moves me to know
I can count on you

But please don’t start a battle
No, please don’t waste your time
Cause this war is my struggle
And only I can win this fight

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Nicolas Lafarge

Rédacteur indépendant dans ma vie professionnelle, je poursuis l’écriture dans ma vie personnelle. Sur Des mots qui marquent, je laisse s’échapper les récits, les poèmes et les pensées qui me trottent dans la tête.

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