Take Your Broken Heart (I, II & III)


I feel trapped in my own mind
I can’t seem to find the exit door
How do I go out?
Never-ending hallways and dead ends
Ominous sounds outside, threatening voices inside
Damned if I do, damned if I don’t
It’s a nightmare!
How do I get out? Lire la suiteTake Your Broken Heart (I, II & III)

Writing My Heart Out

So I woke up this morning
Tired as always
Same old regrets in my mind
Same old sorrows in my heart
Headaches, nightmares, give me a break
All this pressure is just too hard to take Lire la suiteWriting My Heart Out

À un lecteur

Je souhaite que tu m’écoutes
Et que tu lises mes doutes
Je sens mes mots incomplets
Vides de sens, sans objet
Sans ton regard pour les lire
Pour les lire et les relire Lire la suiteÀ un lecteur

Never alone

My loneliness is always watching upon me
Guess it’s making sure I’m never truly alone
It’s holding onto me to keep me in good company Lire la suiteNever alone