You can’t know love until you love yourself


I don’t need nobody
I don’t need no one
I still got a little bit of lovin’ left in me

When I say the word I
I mean everyone, because we are all one
We’ve all been beat up
I’ve been put down, but we’ve all been kicked around
I’m still standing
I’m doing pretty alright, for a girl
I wanted to give up, oh, I wanted to give up so bad
But I still believe that there is beauty in this world

You see you can be living, but you’re not really alive
You have to be awoken, you have to be revived
This whole time I’ve been asleep, but you see
You don’t need your eyes open to see love
The problem wasn’t out there, the problem was inside of me
But I am not broken
And I don’t need the love of another person to feel complete

You can’t be loved until you see love
And you can’t see love until you’ve known love
And you can’t know love until you love yourself

– ELLE KING, « Little Bit of Lovin’ », 2018.

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